Eczema-Friendly Snack Choices

Eczema-Friendly Snack Choices
Having eczema doesn't have to be an impediment to enjoying food, while it's true that you have to eliminate/reduce certain foods such as sugar, gluten and dairy, you can still eat delicious while taking care of your skin! 😋💛

Here's a list of my go-to snacks for keeping my child's skin flare-free:

Fruits 🍐

Possibly the easiest and healthiest snack, some fruits I love for eczema relief are berries, pear, papaya and pineapple.

Potatoes chips, tortilla chips and more! 🥰

Siete brand has many great snacks, my favorites include their pop corn, potato chips and nachos.

Yogurt 😋

I love Cocojune yogurt, it's a plant-based yogurt alternative to dairy yogurt, my son loves it, I combine it with fruits but you could also add nuts.

Chocolate 🍫

My healthiest go-to's include Unreal and Hu Simple.

Soda ✨

The perfect alternative to sugary drinks are natural juices sweetened with honey, look for options that your little one likes, I make fruit combinations so my son doesn't get bored.

If you want more healthy recommendations for you or your child with dermatitis, don't forget to follow us on Instagram, we always share content about eczema-friendly food 🥰.

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