How to deal with people when you have eczema

How to deal with people when you have eczema

No one who has never gone through eczema can understand 100% what it is like to have this skin condition. Many people minimize the symptoms or believe that it is a rash, lack of hygiene or simply that we are careless.

Ignorance often means that people close to you can't give you the support you need, so it is important that you educate your loved ones about eczema and openly express to them how they can help you.

My family always supported me during the relief of my son John's skin, I always felt their understanding and love, especially from my husband who accompanied me through the whole process. However, I know that not everyone is that lucky.

I have received messages from moms who have stopped taking their children to their relatives' homes because they are told hurtful things like "how careless you are with that child" or "you are not bathing him well, that's why he has skin like that".

It is very sad that in our "safe places" we are told these kinds of things that, in addition to lowering our spirits, make us feel helpless and that we are not doing enough.

When people tell me they are in a situation like this, I give them two options:

1. Educate the people who love you 💖

Share info with them, tell them to follow us on Instagram, look for videos of other people's stories so they can empathize more with you.

2. Set boundaries🚩

When people express disrespectful or negative views about your or your child's skin, just let them know that you're not interested in their opinion on the matter and shift the conversation to a different topic.

I understand that you are going through a complicated time in your life, maybe you are going through a lot of stress and anxieties, so dealing with other people's comments should not add to your worries.

The fact that you are here indicates that you are researching and doing all you can to have healthy and happy skin.

Keep going! 🥰

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