Eczema in Children: Will It Naturally Fade Away with Age?

Eczema in Children: Will It Naturally Fade Away with Age?
One of the things I did to learn about eczema was to look at many people's experiences. I was interested in how they had relieved their skins and I came across a pattern.

Many adults said they had suffered from dermatitis in childhood, then their eczema went away and came back in adulthood, what intrigued me even more was that they had all used topical steroids to treat their eczema. This piqued my curiosity, leading me to dive deeper into my research.

Doctors who have dedicated their careers to studying eczema say that the natural course of eczema (without topical steroids) is that when adolescence begins, 99% of patients simply no longer have symptoms. In other words, eczema is there but the flares stop appearing.

However, there is something that only happens with people who applied topical steroids.

If your parents treated your eczema with topical steroids you will probably experience TSW during adolescence or adulthood and you will think it is eczema.

If you have used steroids all your life to combat eczema or if you used them for a while as a child and then went back to them as an adult, it is quite likely that you suffer from TSW.

What is TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)? 🤔

It is a condition that occurs due to the overuse of topical creams, basically it is an addiction due to prolonged use of steroids. TSW is curable but it works like any other addiction: you have to have a hard time to be cured.

How do I know if it is eczema or TSW? ❓

Eczema is not severe itching, it is mild to moderate itching, TSW is very severe itching.
Eczema looks like a mild to moderate rash that can be controlled and goes away. TSW is burning, pain, red skin, blisters, etc.

Why should you consider a holistic approach? 🍃

If you treat your child's eczema naturally, through their diet and daily habits, by adolescence there is a high probability that they will stop having symptoms.

With this information in hand, how do you choose to treat eczema: with corticosteroids or holistically?

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