Habits to Improve Eczema Naturally

Habits to Improve Eczema Naturally

Habits in life are everything, what we do most often is what impacts our health the most, including the health of our skin.

When I started treating my son's eczema habits were not very important to me, I did try to give my son the best but I didn't really pay much attention to the ingredients or the components of the products and foods.

I applied steroids, that's what I did to treat his condition and my son's skin got worse and worse 😥, until I educated myself and found a different perspective, a holistic way to treat eczema, through daily habits.

Here are the most important habits that changed my son's skin forever.

Have an anti-inflammatory diet 🍐

I eliminated processed foods from his diet, no more sugar, no more gluten, no more dairy.

Bathe with lukewarm water 🛀🏽

I no longer use hot water or even very cold water, the water I bathe him with is always lukewarm.

Write down everything! ✍🏽

I started to write down everything that hurt him, if he ate something and his skin flared up, I wrote that down. If he had contact with something and his skin flared up, I wrote that down too. That helped me a lot in detecting triggers and keeping him away from them.

Vitamins and supplements 💊

I make sure he gets enough vitamin D, omega-3 and zinc, this is key for eczema relief.

Take care of gut health ✨

There is a connection between gut health and eczema, we have another blog on this, but it is very important that you consume prebiotics and probiotics.

Do not use irritant products 🧼

All the products I use on his skin such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps, creams, sunscreen, etc are free of irritants and fragrances.

Daily activity plan 🚴🏽

I make sure he has activities to distract and de-stress, this is important to reduce stress levels. Stress can trigger or worsen eczema flare-ups.

Skincare routine 🫧

I have three essential steps in his routine, first I apply Gold Up Oil to soothe the itchiness, then I apply Soaked Cream to calm his skin and lastly I apply Sleekly Balm to seal in the moisture and protect his skin barrier.

Avoid triggers ✖️

The best thing you can do to control flares is to keep triggers away, no triggers, no flares 😎.

These are actions that must be done daily, you may not see results today or tomorrow but I assure you that when you start to see them you will be grateful to start treating eczema holistically, as it is the only treatment for eczema that works long term and without side effects.

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