Emotional Well-being for Kids with Eczema: Top Tips for Parents

Emotional Well-being for Kids with Eczema: Top Tips for Parents

Sometimes we are so concerned about taking care of our little one's skin with eczema that we forget to take care of their mental health 😞. Kids also go through emotional challenges during this process, going to school with skin that looks different from their peers can be tough because, at that age, all they want is to fit in and belong 😢.

Dealing with eczema demands a ton of patience and good habits. Even for us adults, it can be mentally exhausting, imagine how tough it is for a child!

That's where I come in! I want to be your guide in supporting your kiddo's emotional well-being while we work on soothing their eczema.

Let's talk to their teachers and classmates 👩🏽‍🏫

It is necessary that their teacher and classmates have info about eczema, that they know that it is not a contagious condition. You need to educate their immediate environment so they know how they can help your little one, thus reducing the likelihood of bullying.

Remind your child how amazing they are! ✨

Our children should understand that what is important is not physical appearance but values, saying positive phrases like "you are generous" "you are smart" "you are very kind" you can reinforce their values.

Shield them from negative comments 🛡️

Ask your family and friends not to comment on your child's skin in front of them, create a safe environment, where they feel safe.

Explain to your kiddo their condition 🥰

Explain to your kiddo what's going on with their skin, so they feel empowered to take care of themselves. You can use fun stories or songs to make it engaging for them.

Be their rock! 😎

Keep those lines of communication open, so they know they can talk to you about anything bothering them.

Look for support groups 👩🏽👨🏽👧🏽👦🏽

Let's see if there are any support groups around for kids with eczema. It would be fantastic for your child to meet others who share similar experiences.

Don't hesitate to seek help 👵🏽

Sometimes it will not be enough with the support you offer them, especially in adolescence. If you see signs of depression or low self-esteem do not hesitate to seek help from a psychologist.

Help and guide them to healing 💛

In our blog posts and on our Instagram we provide all the information you need to relieve your child's eczema holistically, without invasive treatments that don't work in the long term.

I know that you and your child are not going through a good time, dealing with eczema is exhausting physically and mentally, so it is necessary that you look for people who support you on this path.

We are here to guide you until your child's skin is healthy ✨.

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