The Holistic Formula For Eczema: P.U.R.I.F.Y.

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Our Holistic Formula E-book serves as an informative guide for individuals dealing with eczema, or mothers with eczema-prone children, who are eager to grasp the fundamentals of holistic healing from within. 

Born from my journey as an eczema mom. This 50+ page guide is a heartfelt endeavor, drawing from my experience helping my son overcome topical steroid addiction.

Written with care, it delves into holistic strategies I've learned over years of research. From anti-inflammatory foods to gut health, triggers, stress management, and detoxing, I share it all so you don't have to navigate alone.

It also includes a practical worksheet that empowers you to delve into your eczema experience, offering actionable steps that can be seamlessly integrated without feeling overwhelmed.

Our E-book is accessible in both English and Spanish and can be conveniently downloaded electronically. 

Please note that this e-book provides educational information and guidance, based on personal experiences and research. It is not intended as medical advice or a substitute for professional healthcare. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and treatment options.

Remember, results may vary, and individual experiences differ. The information provided in this e-book is intended to educate and inspire, but it's important to consult with qualified professionals for personalized advice and treatment.


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Love this product it has so much information!

Scarlen Tarrillo (Oscoda, US)
Buena información

Está muy interesante todo lo que dice. Ya había puesto mucho de lo que dice en práctica.

Mirian Daney Sinarahua Ushiñahua (Arequipa, PE)

The Holistic Formula For Eczema: P.U.R.I.F.Y.

cinthia b.

Esta crema le ha sido un cambio del cielo a la tierra para mi bebé. Su piel ha mejorado tanto. Se rasca menos y duerme mejor.

P.s. Please cover his face on the picture

Jacqueline Amado

Gracias a este producto mi bebe puede descansar, no tiene más comezón y todo el ezcema está desapareciendo tan solo lo eh empezado a usar hace 2 días y los cambios son sorprendentes ya avía intentado de todo y nada avía sido tan efectivo como este producto ¡Lo amo!