Meet Dr. Karen Schmidt

Meet Our Expert: Dr. Karen Núñez Schmidt Naturopathic Doctor, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Specialized Care for Skin and Gut Health: My journey as a naturopathic doctor has been deeply rooted in treating the underlying causes of gastrointestinal and chronic dermatological conditions.

A Passion for Botanical Medicine: My education provided me extensive training in botanical medicine and herbal formulations. Additionally, I have pursued continuing education in functional dermatology to further my expertise.

Why I Choose Scrachee: Upon discovering Scrachee, I was immediately drawn to their product philosophy. Their formulations align with the properties I value in topical treatments, making them an ideal choice for my patients' skin health.

Here are some of my favorite ingredients in Scrachee products:

The Significance of Fragrance-Free: Fragrances can be a source of allergies and sensitivities. I often look for fragrance-free options, which are safer for atopic dermatitis.

My Recommendations for Eczema Patients Using Scrachee:

  1. Cleanse: Use safe soaps for sensitive skin.
  2. Reduce Pathogens: Utilize Gold Up for its antimicrobial properties.
  3. Moisturize: Apply Soaked Body Cream for barrier protection.
  4. Protect: Use Sleeky Body Balm to create a protective layer.

Comprehensive Eczema Care: Topical treatment is just one aspect. We also explore root causes of inflammation and offer individualized treatment plans.

Collaborating for Holistic Health: Let's identify root causes of inflammation together. I use specialized tools like stool tests to understand gut health and work on nutrition, environmental factors, and lifestyle changes.

Connect and Learn: For personalized care, visit my website for a free 15-minute consultation. Learn more about my practice and approach to managing skin conditions.

Dr. Karen Núñez Schmidt, ND



Note: Consultations with Dr. Núñez are available online for residents of Puerto Rico.