When to Stop Using Topical Steroids: 4 Key Signs

When to Stop Using Topical Steroids: 4 Key Signs

When I started using topical steroids to treat my son's eczema no one warned me of the consequences. The doctor prescribed steroids as if they were candy.

For me topical steroids were the worst decision I made in treating my son's eczema and these are the signs telling me to stop using them.

You are using them for more than three weeks 📅

Topical steroids should be used for a limited time, anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks. If you have been using them for more than three weeks it is time to stop using them right away

You are applying too much and several times a day 😥

Lower potency topical steroids can be applied more frequently (maximum three times per day). However, higher potency steroids should be used with extreme caution, once a day and some doctors even recommend applying every other day.

So, if you are on steroid topicals many times a day and have to apply more to "get relief" it is time to stop.

Skin has started to get worse 👎🏽

Eczema looked like a rash and now that you are on steroids, severe flare-ups of eczema have started to appear?  Well, this happened to my son, out of ignorance I started applying steroids and everything on his skin started to go bad.

His skin began to weaken a lot, it looked like the skin of an old man very thin and wrinkled. Another thing that happened was that every time I stopped applying the steroids it seemed that the skin got three times worse. It was horrible to think that  "the cure" was worse than the disease

Maybe if I had not applied steroids my son's skin condition would never have been so bad.

You depend on them to relieve the eczema 😔

If your only solution for eczema is topical steroids, I understand, that is the information that is everywhere and what almost every doctor will tell you.

But I want you to know that there are more options, that you don't have to be hurting your health to get your skin back, there are friendlier ways to treat eczema effectively and long term.

Our brand is responsible for educating families to treat eczema holistically, which was the way I managed to restore health to my son's skin, if you want to know more you can follow us on Instagram. We give free advice through DM.

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