How to explain eczema to children: Tips for moms

How to explain eczema to children: Tips for moms
Your little one has eczema and they've noticed that their skin is different from others... They might wonder why they need to take extra care of their skin compared to their siblings or friends 🤔

The best thing you can do is explain it to them..... But how are they going to understand if they are so young?

Children really understand more than we think, children are little sponges, absorbing all the information around them and they will learn everything we teach them with patience and love. I am going to give you tips on how to explain eczema to them in a way they'll totally get.

Let's make it fun with stories and songs 🎶

That will make the explanation more fun, you can make up a story or even buy Caroline's Itch book. You can also find catchy songs about eczema or create your own.

Keep it simple and explain the reasons 🥰

"You can't eat that because it hurts your skin" "You can't wear that because it will itch your skin too much", that will make them feel less frustrated than if you just don't give them any explanation by saying "You can't eat that".

Use simple, positive language ✅

Avoid saying eczema is bad, focus on explaining why their skin is different and needs special care, say things like, "Your skin is super special, so we have to give it extra gentle care and keep it happy". Don't use medical terms.

Teach them how to take care of their skin 💦

Get them involved in their skincare routine, give them the cream to apply, make the skincare a fun activity they look forward to.

Show them they're not alone 🫂

You can go to support groups, you can also show them pictures of children who have skin like them so they can feel understood and part of a special team.

And the last but most important tip is to be patient, a child wants to have fun, enjoy themselves and will not always give so much importance to the health of their skin, that's where you come in, to teach them good habits and educate them 💛✨.

You're doing an amazing job, super mom! Keep spreading love and knowledge about eczema! 😎.

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