Eczema on your hands? This tips could help!👋

Eczema on your hands? This tips could help!👋 - Scrachee

We know very well that eczema can appear almost anywhere on the skin. And although there are some preferences depending on age, it is very common to appear on the hands, causing great discomfort and even affecting our self-esteem😪.

That's why today, we want to tell you a little more about it and give you some tips that will surely help you. Let's get to it!🧐 

Why does eczema appear on the hands?

👉Our skin is our body's first line of defense and is capable of absorbing all the toxins found around us. Our hands even more so.

These outbreaks can be related to direct contact with agents to which you are sensitive, for example it is common to appear after contact with cleaning products, after gardening (due to plant pollen) or after cooking👀 

Tips to relieve eczema on hands

Here are some recommendations to control it:

  1. Watch out for accessories!💍 Some metals can be irritating, so it is best to avoid rings or bracelets with nickel, copper and these combinations.
  2. The soap🧼 with which you wash your hands should be special for sensitive skin, without fragrances and without toxic irritants.
  3. When washing dishes, clothes or any task that involves the use of detergent: use gloves!🧤  But make sure they are cotton inside, as latex gloves can also irritate your skin.
  4. Avoid cutting citrus fruits, garlic, chili peppers or onions🌶️ with bare hands, use gloves or better: delegate the task to someone else.
  5. Moisturizer is your best friend👏 : it will help with skin irritation and dryness. At night you can use a good moisturizer and then put on cotton gloves, you will see that in the morning your hands will be super hydrated.

With these recommendations, the use of our products and a lot of patience, little by little you will start to see positive changes, we are always here to help!💖

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