Common food and environmental allergens

Common food and environmental allergens - Scrachee

Remember! Only by understanding this condition will we be able to attack it correctly and win the battle. 

So, let's remember that an allergen is anything capable of negatively interacting with our immune system and causing an allergy.

Food allergens 🧀

A food allergen are compounds that can be found in the foods we consume daily and that have the ability to cause an allergy in those people who are sensitive to them.

Now, what is a food allergy? They are a set of symptoms such as itching, irritation and redness, which can appear on the skin, as a result of exposure to a specific allergen.

There is a significant number of foods that are potentially allergenic and that are most frequently associated with atopic dermatitis, among these are:

  • Milk and its derivatives: Cheese, ice cream, yogurt.
  • Eggs: Chicken eggs mainly.
  • Nuts: Peanuts, almonds and different nuts.
  • Seafood: Shrimps, prawns, crabs, mussels, etc.
  • Gluten: Protein found in wheat, barley, rye, etc.
  • Sugar: Especially refined or table sugar.

A high percentage of children with atopic dermatitis are allergic to at least one food, and the ideal is to recognize it and gradually eliminate everything that may be harmful from the diet. In addition to complementing with a diet free of processed foods, without dyes or preservatives, balanced and healthy.

Environmental allergens 🌬️

Although these allergens are known to cause respiratory symptoms, they can also trigger allergic skin reactions, such as atopic dermatitis.

They are usually airborne and enter our bodies through breathing. The most common are:

  • Pollen: Especially in spring.
  • Dust mites and mold: Common in closed spaces.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Mites of animal origin: Present in their fur.
  • Remains of skin of domestic animals: Most common dogs and cats.

Other factors ⚠️

It is also possible to trigger or worsen an attack of atopic dermatitis by doing any of these activities: washing dishes, sweeping/vacuuming, washing clothes by hand, wearing clothes washed with very strong detergents.

Keep in mind! 🧐

Although there are many foods or external agents that have allergenic potential, it does not mean that all of them will cause allergies in you or your little one, some react to mites, others do not, some react to dairy products, others do not.

It is super important to individualize each case, do allergy tests and know precisely what specifically affects it. Only in this way can you eliminate everything that can harm you from your diet or from your environment.

Do you know about our products to relieve the symptoms that food and environmental allergens can bring?

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